Whether your style is soft and elegant or fun and bouncy, we've got the know-how to add some punch and pizzaz to your films! Just send us your logo and website so we can tailor an animation to YOUR style. Turnaround time is about 2-3 weeks from start to finish and we can also do secondary marks as well!  



Started a You-Tube channel and want to up-level your into?  We can craft a 10-20sec reel that engages and captures your audience from the get-go. 

You provide the music and images and we'll take it from there! Turnaround is about 2-3weeks. 

ANIMATED TEXT + Lower Thirds

Does your client want to add animated text to your project? We got you! 

You provide the final video and copy to use and create text that not only helps convey your clients message but adds a little bit of umph to your film. We also do lower thirds for interviews!