Story is the most powerful means of communication out there—even more so than facts and statistics. At Oak + Feather Films, we specialize in helping brands, businesses, and non-profits communicate through visual storytelling. We love creating content that is unique and will help you stand out from the crowd. We write, direct, film, and edit. We can produce digital advertising media, client testimonials, branding films, and so much more! 


Here are just a few things we can help you with your next video project:

Pre-production Creation + Design   |   Filming   |   Post-Production   |   Motion Graphics   |   Strategy


Brand story for Katie Zupan and her pottery studio - Dokii Doki.

Client: Erin Jachimiack Photography

Concept + Filming + Editing: Christin Kreml

Client: Claudina Vega - Personal Story
Film + Direction + Editing: Christin Kreml
Photographer: Ginny Haupert
Hair & Makeup: Kim J Beauty
Pink Dress:

Client: Serendipity Catering, Denver

Filming + Editing: Christin Kreml