There’s a reason why some of my strictest professors in college ended up as my favorites – they pushed me in ways I never thought I could go, they held my standards up higher, and they cheered me on when I accomplished what I set out to do.

And you know what? Having a mentor can be just the same! And I want to help.

I’ve been in business for almost 10 years. I’ve literally grown up in the social media age (hello Twitter ’09 where you basically talked to yourself!) and have a ton of tools in my toolbox. I also LOVE talking about business, marketing, videos, or social media… and I especially love seeing those around me succeed and follow their dreams.

With me as a mentor, you’ll not only get a cheerleader but someone who will give you the tools and resources you need to get shit done and actually grow your biz. You may even gain a new friend in the meantime. 😉 


  • Video/Film Making How-To
  • Video Editing Help & Q/A
  • Video Portfolio Review
  • Basic Marketing Strategy
  • Branding & Design Review
  • Website & Social Media Review
  • Workshop Strategy & Setup
  • Content Strategy – Both Blog and Vlog
  • Social Media Tips
  • Q&A Sessions – Ask me Anything!
  • Cheerleader Sessions

Mentoring starts at $150/hr with bulk hour packages available.
Ready to take the next step in your biz or push through that pesky mental block? Shoot me an email and let’s plan a date!

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Christin is such an amazing mentor! It was like talking to an old friend, and she was so knowledgeable. I loved that before our call she had found all of my social media sites and noted which ones needed to be updated and had amazing tips for encouraging interaction on Instagram. I’ve got a solid game plan now, and have made the necessary corrections Christin pointed out on my website and social media sites so I can’t wait to see how things go over the next few months. I loved the follow-up email shortly after our call with reminders of what we discussed and follow through bullet points. Marketing is a tough area and she is so amazing!

Candice MacDonnell

I had this idea for a workshop…it was running around in my head for a while. But with having little knowledge on HOW to put it all together, I turned to Christin, someone I know and trust and who’s had LOTS of marketing and online experience. She was able to help me think through everything, outline the workshop from start to finish, fine tune the design of my PDF, and helped me brainstorm new ways to help my workshop attendees… PLUS keep me on track throughout the whole time! She took 100% of herself and gave it to me whenever we spoke to help make my dream a reality. Im SO grateful for the opportunity to work with her and for the advice and knowledge she’s shared.

Stacey Ilyse
CHeck out her workshop – Breaking The Glass Ceiling

I’ve had several mentoring calls with Christin and with each one I’ve gained more clarity to the approach and direction I need to take to get my business to the next level in creating videos for clients. My heart lies in wanting to create brand films for small creative business but I felt lost in not knowing where exactly to start. My calls with Christin were just the boost I needed to help get me on track and gain confidence in what I wanted to do. She provided so much wisdom and insight on all the ins and outs of creating a brand film as well as shared some of her failures from many moons ago so that I wouldn’t make the same mistakes. I received so many golden nuggets of info (things that I never would’ve even considered). My biggest take away from our conversations together were the importance of being intentional while shooting, to have a clear outline of the story that I need to create, shoot a lot of B-Roll for all the in-between moments, get a quality microphone (this will show in the end product and will distinguish me as a professional) and last but not least to shoot from my heart. I’m so excited to begin my journey creating brand films for creatives (who are just as passionate about their businesses as I am) on my own and thanks to Christin I now have the business knowledge of how to execute this seamlessly. I’m so excited!

Eboni Rivera – Luxe Art Images
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